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Gettin' Started

Getting started is the hardest part, right? I've been working hard behind the scenes here at 1MG Studio. Minimizing has been the mantra for the new year: Minimizing clothes, kitchen clutter, studio space, etc. You name it, I am trying to make it minimal!

Another big idea is to "Live Deliberately" or "Keep Life in Front" as I like to think of it. Too often, I feel that I am constantly reaching in the backseat of life while trying to keep the car on the road. A full time teaching gig, triplets, and a woodworking biz can easily get me off my game. So being mindful each day, setting attainable goals and making sure to take time with the family are my plans for the new year.

What about you? Hopefully you have had time to reflect on the past year and have some positive plans for the upcoming trip around the sun.

Feel free to post your plans for 2017 here.

Here's to a positive week!



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